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Run your business with nothing but a laptop and internet connection. Travel the world or put your feet up at home, and earn a living.

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We're Certified Shopify Partners with a vast amount of experience in the eCommerce industry, and we know what it takes to succeed at dropshipping. With our expertise starting your business is nothing but smooth sailing.

- How Does Dropshipping Work? -

1 - You Receive an Order From a Customer

You'll be notified immediately when a customer purchases from your store. You'll have access to all sales data on your admin dashboard.

2 - You Place an Order With Your Supplier

Using our easy one click fulfillment method you'll be taken through the process of ordering the product using your customers shipping information.

3 - Your Supplier Ships the Product to the Customer

Your supplier will ship the product directly to your customer. No inventory handling required.

- Hear What Our Clients Have to Say -

"They did an amazing job putting together such a wonderful product store. Their timely responses to questions was very appreciated. Their store implementation was clean and easy to edit, update, and manage."

– Eric Harrison

"I'm new to the Shopify website platform that came with the website I purchased. Exordia has been very helpful in helping me get things set up. I would buy from them again."

– Richard Lewis

"These guys are absolutely phenomenal! They walked me through everything from start to finish and fulfilled every promise they made. If you're looking to buy from a trustworthy business, I fully recommend them!"

– Reinaldo Torres

"I'm a newcomer to this. They are just a great and knowledgeable team. They will help you even after the sale is done if you have questions."

– Ted Parks

"I highly recommend Exordia. They went above and beyond in after sale help. Smooth transaction."

– Rami Mazraeh

"It was great- they were very helpful and very considerate. Truly professional!"

– Efemena

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